First Time Wearing

This week was tragic, when it came down to my hair. Well, last Sunday I made a wig, which came out to big, so I had been wearing a hat all week. I definitely didn’t have time to fix it. So, I didn’t know what to do. I’m finally fully natural, and I’ve never worn my natural hair out, because it’s not the length I want it to be. But, yesterday I didn’t have a choice.

*A little back story: I’ve tried to transition to natural a thousand and one times. But, I always fall short for the creamy crack. Both my sisters, and several friends are natural and I know the benefits of healthy natural hair. But, when they say it’s not for everybody, they weren’t joking! Well, after I had Micah, I said, I was going to really try and transition from relaxed to natural. I’m 11 months post relaxer šŸ™‚ Which, is great for me!!!

After I co-washed my hair I called my sister and asked her how to do a “puff” (natural hairstyle). She, told me what I needed to do, and it was actually really easy. So, I can add one style to the books. I still wasn’t really sure about it, because remember this was my first time. But, after my friends saw it on snapchat, I got positive feedback which was really nice.

Now, the real person I was worried about was Jonathan. Of course not all men like natural hair. Especially, since he’s never seen that type of style worn on me. He, didn’t say anything about it. So I for sure thought he hated it. It was like the elephant in the room. But, while we were at dinner, we were talking about it. And, he likes it šŸ™‚ He doesn’t have a problem with natural hair.

I can’t tell you how long I’m going to wear my natural hair out, because I’m a weave wearing girl. But, I can say I’m glad I didn’t fall under temptation last week and get that creamy crack!!!








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