DIY Cork Board Jewelry Organizer

Keeping necklaces in a drawer is a pain! Taking forever to untangle them, and even then it’s sometimes impossible. Yes, you can buy those jewelry boxes and place them on your dresser or vanity, but I’m trying to make more space in our home instead of take away. So, I decided to make my own necklace organizer for “Cheap”.  It hangs on the wall and takes up little, to no space at all!

What I purchased from Walmart:

  • Pack of Cork Tiles
  • Blush Pink Acrylic Pain (2)
  • Stencil
  • Pack of Paint Brushes

When painting the cork I chose the blot method, which applied the paint evenly. I decided on a medium size brush. I’m no expert on paint or brushes, so I used what worked best for me. After both squares were painted and dried. I started painting the stencil onto the cork. I didn’t have a vision of where I wanted everything to go until I was halfway done. And I didn’t realize the stencil I had bought, came with two sheets, not just one 😦 So, I had to go back and paint over a couple swirls to place flowers on top. SN: the other color paints I already had.





After everything was dry, I added the double stick tape to the back and placed the cork tiles on the wall. I added some thumb tacks, that I already had at home, and added my few necklaces that I had left after I got rid of quite a few. There is plenty of space for more. And, I will be adding more than necklaces to this jewelry organizer. I’m very happy with my project, and I would do it again!!!



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