Halloween Tiered Tray

Hey y’all! I had wanted a tiered tray for the longest, but I refused to pay $37 and up for one. So, 2 weeks ago hobby lobby had them for 40% off and it was the best $20 I ever spent! I have mine sitting on the island and I will be swapping out the decor depending on the holiday or season. Listed below are where I got the items for my tiered tray. Do any of you guys have a tiered tray? If so, what’s on yours and where is it located?!?

-Top Layer: Target

-Middle Layer: Target

-Bottom Layer:

  • Skeleton Mug: TJ-Maxx
  • Pumpkin: Target
  • Frankenstein: Target
  • Witch Lantern: Dollar Tree
  • Straws: Hobby Lobby
  • Shredded Paper: Dollar Tree

~Taliah Jenee

Winter Tree

Hobby Lobby had 80% off on their Christmas decor! So, you know I had to get a few things. I started to take our Christmas tree down, and the space by the fireplace felt so empty. In my mind, it only made sense to make a “Winter Tree” for January. So that’s what I did! I still want to add some things to it, but I do like the cute simple look!

2017 Handprint Calendar

For Christmas Micah made his Nana a 2017 Handprint Calendar. It’s so cute and very cheap to make. This would be a great gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Grandparent’s Day.

*Materials Used *

-cardstock/construction paper   -ribbon   -paint   -laminating machine (I went to the teacher store)

*If you have questions just comment and I’ll get back to you!




Reindeer Brownies

Of course I wanted to be extra and sign up to bring two things for Micah’s class party. I was suppose to bring a sweet and a meat. Having to bring packaged food for a class party is never fun. Luckily, at Micah’s school we can bring home cooked items for their parties.

I saw some super cute Christmas ideas on the infamous Pinterest, but I just did not have the time. So I had to figure out something. And once again Pinterest came in handy as usual!!! I saw these super cute reindeer brownies that looked inexpensive,and weren’t time consuming. The cost was $3.86!!!! I had all the materials, just had to buy the brownies😊

They were super easy to make,and everyone thought they were the cutest thing ever! Super cute and inexpensive. What more can you ask for???