Pantry Renovation And Organization

Hey guys!!! So we finished another house renovation for the books. Yes, we renovated our pantry. I think it came out looking amazing. If you want to see it from beginning to end, click on the video below. I hope you enjoy!

~Taliah Jenee

Halloween Tiered Tray

Hey y’all! I had wanted a tiered tray for the longest, but I refused to pay $37 and up for one. So, 2 weeks ago hobby lobby had them for 40% off and it was the best $20 I ever spent! I have mine sitting on the island and I will be swapping out the decor depending on the holiday or season. Listed below are where I got the items for my tiered tray. Do any of you guys have a tiered tray? If so, what’s on yours and where is it located?!?

-Top Layer: Target

-Middle Layer: Target

-Bottom Layer:

  • Skeleton Mug: TJ-Maxx
  • Pumpkin: Target
  • Frankenstein: Target
  • Witch Lantern: Dollar Tree
  • Straws: Hobby Lobby
  • Shredded Paper: Dollar Tree

~Taliah Jenee

How To Paint Exterior Brick

Hey guys! So yes, we painted our brick on our house. We were and still are in love with this color from Sherwin Williams. I still can’t believe we did something so bold,  i’m still in shock.  I’ve listed below several items we used to successfully paint our exterior brick. Good luck guys!!!

~Taliah Jenee