My Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation Story

Hey guys! If you follow me on any of my social media platforms, you know I had Maddox 3 months ago. I decided to get my tubes removed because I did not want to physically have anymore babies!! My husband and I still want a girl, but when that time comes, we will look into adoption. You know, not all women love being pregnant. And I’m one of them. Here’s my story about getting my tubes removed. Did you get your tubes tied or removed? If so, are you still happy with your decision? Comment down below, and I will talk to you beautiful people later!!!

~Taliah Jenee

Are You The One Ready To Potty Train?

Hey guys! So, we’ve been potty training Micah for about 6 months now. But, if we’re talking consistently, I’ll say about 2 months. I wanted Micah potty trained by his 3rd birthday, which was February 27th, but we see that didn’t happen. I just knew he would be potty trained in 3 days like, so many mamas rave about!! Well, of course you know all children are different.

There’s sooo much to say about potty training and the slow or fast process of it all. But, my question to you is… Are you ready to potty train your little one???

Children are only going to be as consistent as you are, and that’s what I found out with Micah. I would start doing household chores and forget to send Micah to the bathroom, then get mad at him when he would pee on himself.

Wait, what? Exactly! It doesn’t make sense!!! But, so many mamas do this.

How can you get mad or upset with your little one for having an accident, when you forgot to send them to the potty in the first place? Before we try and hold a 2 or 3 year old accountable for their actions, let’s make sure us mamas did what we were suppose to do in the beginning.

Because of my consistency with Micah, he has been consistent with potty training. Well, at least at home because, school is a different story, lol. But, all I’m saying is, really make sure your ready and have the patience for your little one. This potty training thing is no joke, and your patience will be tested. So, get ready and put your seat belt on. Because, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

~Taliah Jenee